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Baoman's Blog

          In this Hong Kong blog, BAOMAN'S BLOG, the blogger, Bill Proudfit, writes about his expat life living in Hong Kong — now in Macau — and spends much of his time talking about a management system called "Knowledge Management".

          BAOMAN'S BLOG is a sort of business, HK and Chinese politics, and expat living blog. Mr. Proudfit writes with authority and self-confidence without being overbearing. For all his seriousness, he has a certain charm.

          The blogger, a long-time resident of HK, is civic-minded. The writing in this blog shows he has a keen interest in the public affairs of HK's larger community outside of his expat circle; he is active in several local organizations -- socially, he does not function only in an expat bubble. As far as we can tell from reading BAOMAN'S BLOG, Mr. Proudfit is knowledgeable about this city and its neighboring countries. He understands the Asian culture well. Gentle in his criticism, he is respectful to the culture he chooses to live in.

          Hong Kong Blogs review recommends BAOMAN'S BLOG to those who are interested in HK politics, expat life, international business, and Asia in general, or perhaps the "Knowledge Management" system — we cannot say we have a good idea of what it is.

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