Maximum City Madam in HK  by Lindsey Gordon
Maximum City Madam in HK  by Lindsey Gordon
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Maximum City Madam in Hong Kong

        Before we go ahead with the review, some explanation is in order.

        In a formal and traditional sense, the word "madam" in the title of this Hong Kong blog, MAXIMUM CITY MADAM IN HONG KONG, means a married woman of high social status, not the head of a "house of ill repute". By pointing it out, we are bound to disappoint those who expect the latter — a more colorful meaning of "madam".

        And the Indian city of Mumbai nicknamed "Maximum City" was the place where this British expat blogger, Lindsey Gordon, had lived and penned a popular blog called MAXIMUM CITY MADAM IN MUMBAI before moving to Hong Kong in 2015. This married expat lady of Mumbai lives currently in Hong Kong with her family, continuing writing her blog now renamed MAXIMUM CITY MADAM IN HONG KONG.

        Having it out of the way, let us commence.

        The blogger of this Hong Kong blog, MAXIMUM CITY MADAM IN HONG KONG, has a distinctive writing style. With a touch of literary flavor, her prose is lucid, taut, light, and tidy; not a word is unneeded or extra in her sentences. She can say plenty with just a few words. As a good writer often does, the blogger, in sparing prose, paints not a overly detailed picture of her stories, but instead she let her readers use their own imaginations to fill in what is left unsaid. Lindsey Gordon displays many attributes of a skillful writer in her writing. It is not surprising to learn that she had been a reporter and writer for some noted newspapers and publications in UK, Europe, and India. Beginning in 2015, she writes a column for a magazine published locally online by an American women's organization.

        With the sensibilities of a journalist, Lindsey Gordon is discerning and keenly insightful. She is witty and has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. The anecdotes of the people she has met, the places she has visited, and the events she has encountered here in Hong Kong and Mumbai are eloquently told in this blog. Some of her posts show the sides of the two cities that are not commonly seen by the non-natives or foreign visitors. And at times, as a loving wife and mother, she blogs tenderly and poignantly about her family life, particularly her two teenage children growing up in Mumbai, now attending boarding schools in England.

        If you enjoy good writing or like to see the elegance of the English language in a most expressive and simplest form, take a look at this blog. While you are at it, you may even discover a few fascinating things about this fast-moving city of many inconsistencies and countless charms.

         Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends  Madam Lindsey Gordon's blog, MAXIMUM CITY MADAM IN HONG KONG.

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