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Cosmopolitan  Currymania

          This Hong Kong food blog, COSMOPOLITAN CURRYMANIA, is not only about curry. In it, you can find many fascinating tidbits about food from various regions of the world. Of course, you can also read plenty about curry and curry-related dishes in COSMOPOLITAN CURRYMANIA. If you love curry or good food in general like the reviewer does, this blog should not be missed.

          The blogger, Purabi Naha, is from India, a country known for the loved spice of curry. This Indian expat, who loves to cook and share her gastronomic discoveries, is a "foodie" by interest and editor by training. Purabi Naha is as proficient and comfortable with a pen or the creative process of writing as with her cooking utensils. This explains her eloquent language and consuming passion for good food; both of which suffuse joyously throughout the blog.

          Hong Kong Blags Review recommends  COSMOPOLITAN CURRYMANIA  highly.

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